I eat Super Blue Green Algae because it is a whole, wild-grown food that has helped me build a strong, healthy, energetic body and a sharp mind. I will be 64 this year going on 40 and I live my life accordingly. 

– Marylin Ash, Peterborough, NH


The products are really important to me. They help me physically, and that physical/emotional edge is something every athlete wants.

– Dan O’Brien, 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist – Decathalon


I eat Alpha Sun every day for the continual, steady, reliable energy and stamina it provides me all day long into the evening. I eat Omega Sun for the tremendous focus and concentration it brings. Omega Sun brings me a steady, heightened awareness and a joy and sense of humor about everything.

– Bill Shores, Amesville, OH


 I looked for something for more energy and less stress for the past 30 years. I never got the results from the vitamins, minerals, and herbs I have tried. I am sure I tried them all. I received information on the algae in 1995, thought it was too good to be true; it wasn’t. I will never be without my algae. I love feeling energetic and being able to handle everything with such focus and stamina.

– Pat Shoup, Mansfield, OH



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