Mood and Food Support for the Lazy Dieter

measuring appleI know that mood and food are connected and that what I eat affects how I feel, but on the other hand D.I.E.T. is a four-letter word. Count ’em. There are four letters in that word and we all know that four-letter words are bad news. Well, to me, a diet is bad news, too. I don’t like to diet — at all. I’m a hedonist at heart, but being knowledgeable about nutrition, I tend to be able to moderate my libertine tendencies somewhat. However, I’m super-lazy when it comes to dieting even though I know it will make me feel better and perform better since eating healthy not only makes my body healthier overall, but also specifically my brain. There is a big connection between mood and food so eating right helps keep me on my diet rather than succumbing to mood swings that can stimulate cravings for unhealthy or fattening foods.

The Right Mood and Food for Super Lazy Dieters
Fortunately for me, I’ve discovered a super food that makes losing weight and sticking to a healthy diet a lot easier. It also gives me a mood boost when I need it. This food is blue-green algae, and in this article I break down the essential ingredients in this food, and explain why each ingredient makes it easier to stick to a healthy diet. It does for me, and I’m a hedonist to the extreme.

Chlorophyll for the Gut
Blue-green algae has one the highest chlorophyll content of any food around. Chlorophyll helps the dieter by invigorating the intestinal lining, which enhances digestion and the assimilation of nutrients. It also increases the peristaltic action of the gut, which reduces constipation, soothes gastric ulcers, and soothes inflammation in the gut.

Carnitine for Burning Fat
Carnitine is basically a fat-transporter. It’s an amino acid our body makes that transports fat molecules across the cell membrane, so the cell can metabolize the fat and give us energy. This allows us to have more stamina for workouts and burn more fat. While blue-green algae doesn’t contain any carnitine, it has all the raw ingredients our bodies need to produce carnitine.

When talking about mood and food for a mood boost, David Leopold, MD, director of Integrative Medical Education at the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine says, “…people who are deficient in CoQ10, carnitine, and B vitamins may benefit from the supplements. And deficiency is much more common than we think.”

Phenylalanine for Good Mood
Now this is something every dieter needs — a good mood. Blue-green algae contains phenylalanine, which is an amino acid that has been shown to elevate the mood and decrease appetite. So, if you take blue-green algae 30 minutes before eating a meal, chances are that you’ll have a happy meal and not eat as much.

Tyrosine for Decreased Cravings
Blue-green algae contains moderate amounts of this amino acid. Tyrosine is a precursor to thyroxin, which is a hormone associated with reducing symptoms of depression. Having adequate amounts of tyrosine, and hence thyroxin, helps emotional or binge eaters decrease cravings. Tyrosine has been used to treat eating disorders because it is also elevates mood and decreases cravings.

Hyla Cass, MD explains that proteins from the foods we eat are broken down by digestive processes into their component amino acids. For brain function, the most important amino acids are tryptophan, tyrosine, GABA, glutamine and taurine. These are converted into neurotransmitters in the body with the help of cofactors, or chemical helpers. Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that act as the keys to how your brain functions. As these chemical messengers travel around your brain and nervous system they affect your mind and mood and determine how you feel.

Blue-green algae, in short, is a power-packed food that contains a lot of the basic nutrition our bodies need. It also contains ingredients that give us a mood boost, decrease appetite, and reduce food cravings. How’s that for a totally natural food source? Not bad, right? Plus it’s organic, which puts it into the “very healthy” category.

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