SaveMoneyGet the 10% wholesale discount as a Preferred Customer.

This option offers a great deal of flexibility.

To get the Preferred Customer price, you need to have an Autoship (products shipped to you automatically) in addition to your first order. Your Autoship can be:

  • Monthly
  • Every other month
  • Quarterly

The GOOD NEWS is you can change the products in or cancel your Autoship at any time, no questions asked! Just a simple phone call or logging in on the New Earth website to quickly make changes and it’s done!

You will be asked to set up your Autoship at the time of your initial order.

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(If you do not choose products for Autoship, we will set you up with a quarterly Autoship order for the same products as on your current order. We will confirm this by email. If you wish to change or cancel the autoship, if you do NOT want an Autoship, or want different products on it, please contact us. You may cancel your Autoship at any time, no questions asked! If you cancel the Autoship, New Earth will simply change your order status to Retail Customer. You can change your status back to Preferred Customer to receive the 10% discount at any time by setting up an Autoship.)